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Exciting News! Wild Asperagus Productions is proud to announce its most ambitious project yet. Please check out our campaign for a Living in-Visible Pain.


My Dad Matthew won its 4th award!

Best Film: Film on Disability

Woodpecker International Film Festival

New Delhi, India

We are now looking into additional screening locations. If you are interested in showing My Dad Matthew at an event, school or conference, please contact director John Schaffer (john.schaffer.film@gmail.com) or Matthew Wangeman (matthew.wangeman@nau.edu) for more information. 

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Wild Asperagus Productions


Based in Flagstaff, Arizona, Wild Asperagus Productions

is a small video production company that makes movies

that are bigger than the frame they fit in to.

Specializing in movies about autism and disability,

Wild Asperagus Productions 

creates stories about people

from a different perspective


John Schaffer


cofounded Wild Asperagus Productions in 2011 while he was

directing his first made for cinema movie,

Vectors Of Autism: a documentary about Laura Nagle.

Not only does Schaffer direct his movies,

he also edits them and handles a camera. 

Schaffer has directed 5 movies with a disability theme

with various sized budgets, various sized crews, but all

with a similar message of acceptance and appreciation

for all people.






My Dad Matthew (Full short: 6 minutes) (2018)

In this short film, Elijah tells the story of his dad, Matthew, who is a "pretty normal dad" but unlike most other dads, he has a significant disability. Born with cerebral palsy and unable to control most of his body, Matthew with the use of a wheelchair, a pointer on a helmet with a letter board, and the exceptional help of others, has become a university instructor, has several degrees from Berkley, Ca., and is father to a 14 year old boy. 


My Hiccups Are Gone Trailer (2016)

This is a story about twin 5 year-old boys with autism, Jake and Luke, whose parents, Lesley and Brad, being frustrated with seeing years of little progress, decided to move the family across the country to Ohio to receive specialized autism treatment and care using an innovative technique developed at Integrations Treatment Center. Within days, the boys show incredible progress and the family learns how to find their way. This feature documentary premiered in the Chagrin Falls Film Festival in 2016. More screening are planned for the future.

The Shadow Listener: a voice for autism Trailer (2016)

The Shadow Listener is a short documentary about a woman who hears a constant soundtrack in her mind. Just as everything casts a shadow, so do they cast a song. Laura Nadine is an award-winning violinist, a music teacher, a mother of two, and a woman with autism. This documentary uses Laura's shadow songs as a thread to explore her world. From her difficulties to fit in with her peers at school, through to her obsession with the violin, Laura shares her story as a woman on the spectrum. As an adult, Laura has found her place as a music teacher and advocate for the autism community.

Vectors of Autism: a documentary about Laura Nagle Trailer (2013)

Winner of 5 awards, this offbeat documentary is about an autistic woman flying through life in a world that is definitely not autistic. Laura Nagle lets us climb aboard her helicopter and takes us on a tour through the vectors in her life that has lifted her up, knocked her down, and push her sideways. From her "wreck" of a micro-house to the base of the town clock, Laura never stops talking. Witty and honest, Laura hopes to push the wind under the wings of people on the spectrum so their trajectory is much higher than hers.


Matthew Wangeman


Matthew Wangeman
Matthew Wangeman has been a disability advocate for over 30 years at the local, state and national levels. He has a B.S. in Business Administration and a Master's in City Planning from the University of California at Berkeley.  Matthew has been invited to speak at various National and State conferences about leadership and he is a leader in promoting disability rights in Arizona.  Matthew assisted in the development and implementation of the Disability Studies Minor at NAU which happens to be the only minor in Arizona of its kind.  Matthew was the chairperson for the Arizona DD Council several years ago and he was also a board member for the Protection & Advocacy Agency in his state.  He is especially proud of his fourteen year old Son who he loves and admires!  Matthew currently works at the Institute for Human Development as a researcher and an instructor in the Disability Studies Minor at Northern Arizona University.
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Wild Asperagus Productions

John Schaffer 


Please contact me if you have a great story to tell.

I am always considering new projects

and can usually work within any budget.

Flagstaff, Arizona



April 2019

-All 4 Wild Asperagus Productions films will be shown at the Pacific and Western Disability Symposium on May 17 & 18, 2019 in Spokane, WA.

-The Shadow Listener: Friday, May 17 at 11:30am and Saturday May 18 at 11:30am

-My Dad Matthew: Friday May 17 at 4:00pm

-My Hiccups Are Gone: Friday May 17 at 4:00

-Vectors Of Autism: Saturday May 18 at 1:00

-Filmmaker Discussion at 1:45pm

November 2018

-My Dad Matthew played in the Woodpecker International Film festival in New Delhi, India!

October 2018

-My Dad Matthew played in the Laughlin International Film Festival in Laughlin, Nevada.

September 2018

-My Dad Matthew played in Over-the-Rhine Film Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio.

-My Dad Matthew played at Docuwest in Denver, Colorado!

June 2018

-My Dad Matthew played to a standing-room only crowd at the SF Doc Fest!


April 2018

-Festival #7! My Dad Matthew will be playing in Vigo, Spain in the Festival de Cine Inclusive De Vigo on May 3rd. The movie has been updated with Spanish subtitles. The official version of the movie now is open-captioned in English and Spanish!

-Festival #6! My Dad Matthew is an Official Selection in the Oregon Documentary Film festival. The movie screens on Saturday May 26th.

-Here's an article from Film Festival Circuit: https://filmfestivalcircuit.com/film/my-dad-matthew/


March 2018

-My Dad Matthew won the Director's Award from the Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival! It's its 3rd award!

-Read a review of My Dad Matthew from Broadwayworld.com


-MY Dad Matthew won "Honorable Mention for Doc Under 10 minutes" from Picture This.....film festival in Calgary, Canada.

February 2018

-My Dad Matthew plays in the Sedona International Film Festival to a sold out crowd!

-My Dad Matthew plays in the Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival